Hiring a maid

Hiring A Maid Finding the right domestic helper for you and your family.

  • MOM Processing
  • Direct Hire
  • Transportation
  • Home Services (Deployment)
  • Medical
  • Settling In Program
  • Counselling
  • Food & Lodging

Hire A Maid In Simple 3 Steps

Step 1

Speak To Our Experienced Specialist

Connect with our experienced team to discuss your family’s unique needs and preferences for domestic help.

Step 2

Choose The Right Domestic Helper

Browse through our diverse selection of pre-screened, trained maids from various countries, and select the one that best suits your needs.

Step 3

Let Us Settle The Paperwork

Once you’ve made your choice, we handle the administrative work, from paperwork to immigration procedures, ensuring a smooth hiring process.

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